Wish List

There are soo many products on the market that cater to natural hair and I would not mind trying a few of them. Although I have had success with mixing my own products I would love to try some commercial products that are readily available. Since starting this journey I vowed to never become a product junkie. A product junkie or PJ for short, is someone that buys a lot of hair products looking for the next best thing to achieve their hair goals. Being a product junkie can be fun because you can try out different products but it can also hurt your wallet.

The recession most of us is experiencing has helped me to avoid PJism.  The price of some products along with shipping costs has deterred me from trying many things that most naturals rave about. After trying some things from the shea moisture line I have learned that a little bit of product goes a long way so maybe the upfront cost isn’t so bad if the product is made with quality ingredients and will last for some time. Right now I am allowing myself to spend no more than $10 a month on hair care purchases.

Have I been keeping up with this goal? Most of the time yes but it is sooo hard. If there is a little wiggle room in the household budget I’ll spend a little more.
With that being said here is my wish list of products to try:
  1. Oyin’s burnt sugar hair pomade, juices and berries leave-in and hair dew
  2. Taliah Waajid’s African Healing Oyl and Lock It Up
  3. Curls products
  4. Jane Carter Solution wrap and roll
  5. Kinky Curly products
  6. Miss Jessie’s stylers and moisturizers
  7. Bee Mine products
  8. Carols Daughter products
  9. Uncle Funky’s Daughter products
  10. Darcy’s Botanicals products
Do you have a wish list of products you would like to try?