What’s in your bottle?

 I am planning on making the 2 strand twists that I did on Saturday last at least a week or two. Usually I would put a little whipped shea butter or coconut oil on my hair to keep it from getting dry. Since I really don’t want to manipulate the twists I’m using a spritz to keep them moisturized.

Using a 8oz spray bottle I combined the following ingredients:

  • Aloe Vera gel
  • Water
I did not measure how much of each ingredient but I think the mixture is 50% oil, 30% water and 20% Aloe Vera gel. Shake the bottle really well to mix everything. Then I then spritz the twists. It’s an easy way to refresh and moisturize without disturbing the style.
Do you have a moisturizing spritz that you use? What’s in your bottle?