What Inspired You To Go Natural?

For me it was the movie Good Hair that helped me make the final decision to just do it. The movie come out in October 2009 but I did not see it right away because I did not hear to many people talking about it. I ended up watching the movie January 2010. Seeing a pop can get eaten away by sitting in relaxer made me ready to chop off all my relaxed ends and wear a twa.

If you have not seen Chris Rock’s movie Good Hair check out the trailer: 

Reading about the hair journeys of others inspires me to stay on course. Hair forums like nappturality, curly nikki, naturally curly’s curl talk and long hair care forum; helps me learn more about caring for and styling my curly coily textured hair.

Who or what inspired you to go natural? 
I would love to know what started your natural hair journey. Share your story by leaving a comment below.