Wash Day Routine

I wanted to share the steps of today’s wash day routine with you all. Today I am dedicating 2 – 3 hours to washing and styling my hair. I feel that it is important to set aside some time to pamper my curls and coils.

Pre Poo 
Today I am doing a pre poo treatment with extra virgin coconut oil (any carrier oil such as olive oil can be used). Not sure how much oil was used, I just use enough to saturate my dry hair. Next I detangled using my fingers and put 8 big twists in. Usually I would place a plastic shower cap on and let the oil sit for about thirty minutes but I don’t have any more so instead I placed a towel around my neck to catch any drippings.

Once the thirty minutes is up I proceed to rinse the oil from my hair and used suave clarifying shampoo to clean hair and scalp.

Follow up with Tresemme Remoisturize conditioner and rinse.

Leave in Conditioner
Apply Cantu Leave in Conditioning Repair cream to damp hair. Using a wide tooth comb to distribute product and detangle hair.

Moisturize and Seal
I apply a whipped shea butter mix that contains shea butter, coconut oil, aloe vera gel, peppermint oil and tea tree oil to seal in the moisture.

The last step of the wash day routine is to style the hair. At this time I am not sure how I am going to style my hair. I know it will be some type of up do. Guess I’ll head on over to youtube to look for some style inspirations. I love searching for tutorials and trying out some of the styles.

Until next time...
Ok so I planned on doing an up do style but apparently this routine has left my hair extremely soft. After applying the whipped shea butter I put in about 9 big twists and let my hair air dry trying to stretch it. I attempted to twist and then to braid my hair only to have it unravel. I decided to place about 12 flat twists in and untwist them in the morning for a flat twist out. I think this would be considered a protective style for the challenge, if not oh well.