Using Flat Twists To Keep Hair Out Of My Face

I love the fact that my hair is now long enough that it falls in my face and create bangs but sometimes it just gets in the way. Besides using headbands, bobby pins and combs to push the hair back, I also like to create flat twists along the hairline. The flat twists are handy when I’m not in the mood for accessorizing.

When creating the flat twists I part hair from ear to ear, using my fingers, to section off the front. In the pics below I created an off center part to divide that section in 2 and proceed to flat twist each section. Then created bantu knots at the end of twists to secure in place or pinned ends behind the ear with a bobby pin.

Parting hair using my fingers does not create a hard line and having a really straight line does not matter to me when its going to be hidden by the rest of my hair. Once my hair falls into place it not only covers the part but most of the twists as well.

Sometimes I use 1 flat twist to keep hair from falling into my face. When creating one twist I try to make the part a little neater using the end of a rattail comb.

Sometimes I like to switch it up and braid the hairline instead. Either way it helps keep these curls and coils out of my face. If you’re looking for an easy solution to pull hair away from your face give it a try.
Until next time……