Two Strand Twists

For the last leg of the protective style challenge its going to be two strand twists. These twists were done a little differently, the roots were braided then the hair was twisted. I borrowed this technique from another blogger/vlogger Ms. GG the FroStoppa.
I detangled and co-washed hair using V05 strawberry and cream moisture milk conditioner. Followed up with the Queen Helene cholesterol deep conditioning treatment. Moisturized with my whipped shea butter mix. Sectioned, air dried and stretched hair using the banding method. This was my first time banding and I was pleased with the result, dry stretched hair and no heat.

co washed, wet, no products
Usually I twist on wet hair using my fingers to part hair, this time I used a metal tipped rat tail comb. The tail end of this type of comb made straighter more defined parts. Braided the root a bit before twisting. This technique caused the twists to have more movement. Doing two strand twist on stretched dry hair gave my twist a more puffy look which I love. I have been trying to get my two strand twist to come out like this since the start of my journey. If I would have taken my time the look would have been much neater but in my opinion it still came out nice considering it was a rush job.
At night I try to sleep with a satin bonnet. In the morning some twists may be sticking up or going in directions I don’t want but I don’t worry because the steam and mist from the shower helps them to fall back into place. Sometimes a light spritz of my moisturizing spray also works. Then top it off with a bit of whipped shea butter and a cute accessory.
I want to thank MS. GG for sharing this braided roots twists technique. She is one of my hairspirations.