Transitioning was not an easy road

For many years I had a thought in the back of my mind to stop perming my hair. I really wanted to but didn’t know how. There weren’t many people around me or rather I didn’t see many women that showed their own natural hair. Whenever I asked a question like “How do I stop perming my hair?” the response was usually “Why do you want to do that?”
I tried stretching the relaxer many times by getting my hair braided in African Braid Shops. It started with individual braids, then cornrows, kinky twists were my favorite and I did micros once. Then it was on to phony ponies. My next stop on the “I’m not sure if I want to deal with my natural hair” road was half wigs. I always thought that wigs were for elderly woman, my grandmother and great grandmother wore wigs. Yet there I was in the beauty supply store letting some guy show me how to put a wig on and then going home searching various sites looking for DIY hair pieces that looked natural.
Almost exactly 1 year ago (it was either in August or September 2009) while putting the relaxer on my hair I decided that this would be my last chemical treatment. Of course I told myself this many times before but this time was going to be different. I was learning about transitioning and trying different transitioning styles. Battled with myself because I would get a feeling or something would say it’s time for a touch up and I was fighting the urge to perm.
Some of the transitioning styles I tried were not perfect but I wore them out anyways. If I was going to be natural I had to learn how to accept my hair on the good hair days, as well as, the bad hair days.  Then one day I saw Chris Rock Good Hair movie. Not to say that watching this movie was the reason I decided to big chop but so much of what was being pointed out in the movie was how I was feeling. I decided to stop transitioning and cut off my hair because I couldn’t deal with two different textures of hair. For me it was straggly straight relaxed hair on the ends and kinky coily hair at the root. I couldn’t wait a minute longer and in February chopped it off so that I can take proper care of my scalp and hair.
So here I am exactly one year from putting the last Pink Oil Moisturizing Relaxer on my head. I have not thought about or even have the urge to put another relaxer on these curly coily tresses. I hope and pray that I can keep those urges away.
Until next time….