To Trim or Not To Trim?!

Whether you’re natural, relaxed, or any where in between; the proper techniques to trim your locs always raise certain questions.

  • Why do you need to trim?
  • When to trim and how often?
  • What are the proper tools for the task?
Trichoptilosis! The reason why we trim our hair. TRICHOPTILOSIS is the technical term for split ends. Split ends are the splitting or fraying of the hair shaft due to excessive heat and mechanical stress. As the hair follicle grows from the scalp the hair is now exposed to natural elements in which all have an affect (be it negative or positive) on the hair itself. In the summer your hair can become dryer due to the exposure from the sun and can cause split ends. In the winter the extra bundles of clothes, i.e turtle necks, scarfs, and sweaters can rub up against the ends of your hair and cause your hair to break. Either way split ends are going to happen.

Once you notice the evil trichoptilosis on the ends of your hair its time to take action! You can do this by doing the “search and destroy” method. If you sit in a well lit area and look at the ends of your hair, every split end you see DECLARE WAR! Take a sharp pair of scissors and snip them right off! If you continue to allow the hair shaft to split it will continue up the entire hair shaft and become permanently damaged and break causing your hair to look thin and frayed. Now if the “search and destroy” method is too much for you to handle it is ok to have a professional snip those ends. There is no set time to have this done, you have to know your hair. The recommended time span is every 6 to 8 weeks to have a trim or cut. This allows a good amount of growth inbetween salon visits. However, in that same amount of time your strands may have held up perfectly fine and no trim is needed. That’s why paying close attention to your hair is key, because each individuals hair its different.

When you seek out the help of a professional hair stylist make sure you both are clear on the end result. Let him or her know what you expect out of your visit, be it you’re coming for a slight trim or drastic cut…. COMMUNICATION IS KEY!

If you remain to be a Do it Your Self-er, trimming those ends at home is perfectly ok with the right tools, method, and knowledge! Here is a quick 8 step process for perfectly trimmed hair!


Tools: hand mirror, sharp hair shears, sectioning clips and comb.


  1. Section your hair into four sections and secure with clips.
  2. Start in front and part hair vertically from top of the head to the ear, releasing about a two inch section, comb towards face and where hair begins to look uneven clip with scissors.
  3. Continue to bring hair forward making remaining hair even with the previous section. Don’t take more then two inches off. Then it will be more of a cut than a trim.
  4. Repeat on the other side. Make sure you’re keeping the same length guide throughout.
  5. Once the front two sides are done and if your hair is long enough bring the hair from the back and make even with the front sections still utilizing vertical partings.
  6. If hair is not long enough, part the hair horizontally releasing a two inch section. Run index finger and middle finger down section till you feel close to the ends flip hair up, whatever is protruding over the fingers snip.
  7. Continue to do this till you can see the lengths pulling the hair straight up and snipping off ends.
  8. Move to the next side and complete same steps. Once done check results with hand mirror to see lengths in back and making sure the hair is even.
 Some tips for trimming successfully: make sure scissors are sharp, dull scissors can damage the hair. Make sure hair is blow dried or flat ironed straight to accurately see lengths.
Hopefully this helps! Happy trimming! And remember when in doubt seek a professional!


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