Time For A Trim

When I was relaxed I could never tell if my ends were split or if I needed a trim. I did not care much about my hair then, as long as it was straight and would go into a ponytail was all that mattered to me. Now that I am taking better care of my hair I noticed that my ends just didn’t feel right and realized that I had a few single strand knots. I figured that it was time for a trim.

Single strand knots are tiny knots at the end of a hair strand. They are also called fairy knots.

My husband did my big chop and has trimmed my fro a few times so naturally I asked him to cut my hair again. After trimming and shaping my fro he thinks this may be the last time he can use clippers because my hair is getting so big. Now I am either going to have to find a salon that knows how to trim curly coily hair or learn how to trim the ends myself. Not going to worry about that now, I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

My hair has grown quite a bit over the past 10 months. Below is a comparison of my hair the day after the big chop and after it was trimmed a few days ago. Wondering if I still have a twa? What do you think?