The Bun

The Bun

During the Fall months buns really started to grow on me. The more I saw them the more I liked them. I even dedicated a Pinterest board to them.


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I seem to be falling in love with buns so I went and  purchased one of those mesh bun former, donut shaped things and let me tell you, it has become one of my staple hair tools. Its right up there with ponytail holders and a wide tooth comb. I love how the donut lets me obtain a neat and almost perfectly round shape with basically no effort.  The only thing needed to create this look was

  • bun maker (of course)
  • hands or soft bristle brush
  • ponytail holder
  • bobby pins
  • styling gel (optional)
Most of the time my buns are done on some sort of old out style so I start by lightly spritzing with water then apply leave in condish, oil or moisturizer if needed. Apply some sort of holding product like eco styler gel, ORS smooth & hold pudding or my shea butter mix to edges. Gently pull hair into a ponytail. Smooth edges with either my hands or brush. Next, pull ponytail through bun former, spread loose hair as evenly as possible across donut and tuck under. Secure with bobby pins or another ponytail holder if the pins seem to have disappeared. And that’s it, easy peezy!
After realizing that my hair is long enough to pull into a bun comfortably I kinda prefer it over a puff. Well for now, only because its cold outside, its a protective style and I can easily put a winter hat over this style.

Until next time. . .