Summer Twists

This summer I planned on wearing my hair out all the time but that plan is just not working for my busy schedule. I’m finding it easier to wear a protective style throughout the week and let my hair out on the weekend. Two strand twists is the easiest protective style I can do. Caring for them is super easy, just cover at night and refresh in the morning with a light moisturizing spray.

I like my twists small, they seem to last longer and get less frizzy. Started getting tired while doing these so I added a few flat twists in the front. Used whipped shea butter mix to twist and it took  about 1 1/2 hours to complete. This style lasted a week because I have serious hand in hair disease. It could have lasted another week if I left it alone.



9 months ago I did my 1st set of twist. Hair has grown quite a bit since then.
Guess my regime is working.




October 2010

Until next time….