Spreading the word

Lately I have been getting stopped by random women asking me questions about my hair. Without realizing it I have been spreading the word about natural hair and in my opinion have been giving some newly natural sisters some pretty good tips.
  • Accept the fact that most black folks hair is not straight & will never be straight unless it is altered with heat or chemicals. Accept the fact that your hair is probably Nappy, Kinky, Coily and or Curly. Love it like you love your other body parts.
  • Yes, you can wet your hair. Everyday if you wish. Water is good for black folks hair. Moisture = water.
  • Try leaving shampoos alone, shampoos has the same chemicals used in laundry detergent. Would you wash your hair in Tide? Give cowashing a try.
  • Use oils to seal in the moisture.
  • Deep condition at least once or twice a month.
  • Don’t keep your twa covered all the time, get to know your hair.
  • Ignore negative comments cause folks always have something to say.
  • Be patient, hair doesn’t grow over night.
  • Have fun and accessorize.
  • Love yourself.