Protective Style Challenge

I have been looking at different hair challenges on various hair forums trying to get ideas to style my hair. Not only did I find tons of styling options and hair care tips but I noticed that people were supporting and encouraging each other to continue the challenges.

What is a hair challenge?
From what I gather it’s much like how most people solve challenges in life; you set a goal, time limit and you try to reach that goal.

So after being just a spectator I decided to be a participant. I joined a 6 month protective style challenge. The challenge started on October 1st and will end on March 30th.

6 months seems like a long time, I know. Winter is going to be here soon and I really don’t want to wet my head and then go out. I live in Chicago and just don’t like the feeling of a cold wet head on a winter morning .

What are the rules?
The rules of the challenge are really simple. The majority of the time your hair should be in some type of protective style. You are allowed to wear your hair loose for 1 – 2 days in between styles.

I started the challenge and thought I failed 1st week because of how I was wearing my hair, flat twists in front fro in back (not protected). The other ladies did not let me give up. So on Monday I coiled the back. Thursday night I took the coils apart and rocked a coil out for Friday & Saturday. That’s 3 styles in 1 week, talk about versatility.

Monday hair
Saturday hair
Since I style my hair every week this will be my challenge routine: style on the weekend and wear hair loose on Fridays and Saturdays.
Until next time….