Protective Style Challenge: Week 4

This has been a rough week for me as far as the challenge goes. First let me start off by saying that my hair is not in any form of a protective style and has not been since Saturday. I took down the finger coils and washed my hair but was just not feeling spending a couple of hours twisting and coiling. Mind you there was nothing wrong with the coils I just have a problem with keeping one style for about 3 – 4 days. After washing, detangling and moisturizing I just let it air dry.

When Monday rolled around I did not know what to do so I turned to the hair pick. I have learned that combing my hair dry is a big no – no, so I applied a little leave in conditioner and the Shea butter mix and began to use the pick to create the fro. I fell in love with how my hair look and kept it like that all week. Not sure what this means for the protective style challenge, guess it means that I failed but hey at least I tried.

Until next time…