Protective Style Challenge: Week 3

This is the 3rd week of the protective style challenge. I will keep last week’s style for a few more days before I take it down. The other day my scalp was itching something fierce. Felt like I needed a good co – washing. I did not want to take the twists out to wash my hair so I decided to just rinse them instead. I put my head under a warm stream of water and let it flow through my scalp and did not disturb the twists. After rinsing I shook my head a few times to get rid of excess water (this is best done in the shower). Since being natural I noticed that my hair responds very well to water so I don’t mind wetting my hair often.
Lightly applied some whipped shea butter to damp twists and re twisted any that came apart. Then I went about my day and let it air dry. Must admit that it does look frizzier and fuzzier but I think I can handle it for a few more days. Besides I can always jazz it up a bit with the accessories I got at the natural hair meet up.
Unit next time…