Protective Style Challenge: Week 2

This week I tried something different. I did a pre poo treatment using extra virgin olive oil. I placed warm olive oil on hair and massaged the scalp. Put on a plastic cap for about 20 – 30 minutes.
Washed hair with Suave’s clarifying shampoo. I had some product build up in my hair so I really wanted to make sure my hair and scalp was cleaned.
Deep conditioned with the Queene Helene conditioner from before (this container seems to last forever).
After deep conditioning sprayed a little leave in conditioner on hair and combed through. Then added a little bit of the whipped shea butter to add and seal in moisture.
I was too lazy to style that day so I put in a few box braids/plaits and let it air dry. Next day took down braids (hair stretched a bit, no shrinkage) and twisted hair using the lock and twist gel.