Protective Style Challenge: Month 6

March 30th is when I will be finished with the 6 month protective style challenge. This challenge has been very beneficial for my hair. It has taught me that it is best to tuck hair away in the cold winter months to prevent damaged ends and breakage. I learned the importance of moisturizing hair to prevent it from becoming dry and brittle. I also got a chance to experiment with doing different hairstyles such as box braids, two strand twists, flat twists, finger coils and roller sets.

Here are some pics of styles I tried throughout the challenge.



This challenge was started on Nappturality and it appears that it will become an ongoing challenge because people are still joining.

Since this was my very 1st hair challenge and not only did I had fun participating I saw results (hair growth) . Now I am thinking about jumping aboard Kim Cole’s Grow Out Challenge on Naturally Curly.

Have you participated in any hair challenges and what results did you achieve?

Until next time…