Protective Style Challenge: Month 3

Well I have made it half way through the challenge only 3 more months to go. After the crochet braids I left my hair loose for about a week. I was loving the curl definition from the wash and go. Although I wanted to keep my hair like that I wasn’t a fan of how it looked when I took off my hat. I plan on doing two strand twists for this month.

After co washing I added a little leave in conditioner and finger detangled. Put hair in a few large twists and let it air dry. When it was about 80% dry I began twisting. Instead of using a gel I used a shea butter mix. I wanted to see if there was a difference between using gel or shea butter.

The shea butter left the twists feeling soft and moisturized. The gel leaves the hair feeling the same but if I use too much my hair has a slight crunchy feel to it.