Protective Style Challenge: Month 2

During the second month of the challenge I have been wearing crochet braids as my protective style. I did have to take down and redo the style after about a week because my scalp was really itchy. Taking the style down was easy, just unravel the cornrows and the braid hair slides off. I then proceeded to co wash, deep condition and applied hot six oil to my hair and scalp. I managed to create about 11 cornrows and secured them with rubber bands on the ends.  Before I attached the braid hair to the cornrows I applied a little oil to each piece to help keep my scalp from getting dry.

Headbands always come in handy

This hairstyle is OK but it was really hard for me to work out with it. My head was really hot while exercising and it seemed to cause me to sweat more than usual.Since I forget to put on a satin bonnet the hair got frizzy and the cornrows in the front were fuzzy looking. Used a headband to cover up the exposed cornrows. I sprayed a little water and added some leave in conditioner to try to control or maintain the curl. I may do this again but right now I am really missing my hair.

Until next time…