Preparing For Fall/Winter Season

I glanced at the calender and instantly starting thinking about the weather changing in a few months. The temperature can drastically change here in Chicago, 85 degrees one day and chilly 55 degrees the next, so I figured now is the time to get prepared. If I get started now I should have everything I need to get through the next six months. I’m planning on doing more twist outs and straight looks in the Fall and protective styles during the Winter months. First thing on the list is to invest in some tools. I use the word invest instead of buy because these items are going to cost a bit of money upfront but should be worth it in the long run.

The trusty handy dandy ceramic flat iron that I have had since forever is going to be replaced with a new and improved one. Its been a long time since purchasing flat irons and I was amazed at all the bells, whistles and prices on some of these new irons. Some can go for over $200 which is way out of my budget. After doing some research and reading customer reviews from various sites I decided to purchase the Maxiglide flat iron. This flat iron has a steam feature and is suppose to be great for thick course hair. I hope that it is worth the cost.


I also ordered a couple of wigs from to be used as hats when the cold winds come around. Plan on using the wigs as a protective style and I’m quite sure they will come in handy on those bad hair days. Ordered this one because it’s curly and it kinda looks similar to my hair texture

and this one for those days when I want a straight look without straightening my hair.
I can’t wait for my packages to arrive. Next on the list is to stock up on products.
Do you have any hair plans for this Fall/Winter?