Perm Rod Roller Set

Perm Rod Roller Set

I have tried to do a perm rod set many many times before and lets just say that those attempts were never shown outside of my front door and were definitely not worthy to be shared on the blog. But I refuse to give up on them because I think perm rod sets create beautiful curls that seems to last at least a week on other peoples heads. I’m sure I  should get a similar result. So here I am, for the umpteenth time, trying to get it right and I am determined to do it myself.  This attempt took 2 days.

The 1st day (this was a Saturday) I followed a pretty normal shampoo and deep conditioning routine. On damp hair I used some foam wrapping lotion that I had laying around and Worlds of Curls Pudding to set and moisturize hair. The Worlds of Curls Pudding came in the August or September Curl Box so I figured this was a good time to give it a try. I rolled hair onto orange and purple perm rods in a sideways/spirally way, covered up with a scarf and proceeded to chill around the house to let hair air dry.

Day 2….. yeah…….when I woke up the very first thing I did was touch and feel my hair to see if it dried overnight. I was about to panic because of course it did not and I actually had somewhere to be on this special Sunday. So instead of panicking I made a cup of tea, grabbed the tv remote, pulled out the hooded dryer and sat my butt down until my hair dried. Which was about an hour and half later. It probably took that long because I sat for about 30 to 45 minutes before turning the heat on the dryer to high from medium/low. When it comes down to hair styling the one thing I seem to hate the most is sitting under a hair dryer. It really doesn’t matter if I’m at a beauty shop or in my home or if my hair is relaxed or in its natural state. It just takes too much time for my hair to dry.

After doing the touch and feel for dryness test multiple times and playfully begging everybody in the house to please touch and feel, it was as dry as it was going to get. Next I put a dab of oil on my hands then carefully and slowly took the rods out. I really wanted to get this right, I had somewhere to be and did not want frizzy crazy hair.  This is what I got……………….

I was pretty satisfied with the curls created. This was my BEST perm rod set to date!

So again I took my time and separated each curl into smaller curls. Gently took my pick and lifted the roots a bit trying to conceal the wavy roots.

I absolutely loved the results!

This perm rod set lasted until that following Tuesday before I started to play with it and create different looks with the curls. My next perm rod set goal is to try to get it to last longer.

Until next time. . .