Wash and Go

My three favorite words and style of this week has been wash and go. A wash and go has got to be one of the most simplest style for any natural regardless of the length of hair you have. It is really easy to create this look and this is how I do my wash and go.

Step 1. Wet hair while in the shower.

Step 2. While hair is dripping wet apply leave in conditioner. I’m using Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine leave in conditioner.

Step 3. Apply a light moisturizer or little amount oil of your choice. I use a whipped shea butter mix I made a while ago. (This step is optional, depending on your styling product step 3 & 4 could be combined)

Step 4. Apply a curling gel or desired styling product using your fingers. I’m using smooth and shine curl activating gel with aloe.

Step 5. Let it dry. You can air dry, use a diffuser attached to a blow dryer or use a hooded dryer. I like to air dry. 

Most important: do not touch your hair until it is completely dry or it will become frizzy and fuzzy looking. I had to learn the hard way. I must admit I am a victim of the hand in fro syndrome.

Hope these tips help you to achieve a really nice wash and go look.

Hot Oil Treatment

Usually I deep condition on the weekends using a thick and creamy conditioner or cholesterol treatment. This weekend I was feeling lazy and decided to condition my hair with a hot oil treatment instead.  A hot oil treatment is another way to condition hair to keep it soft. It only takes about 10 to 30 minutes to do a hot oil treatment where I usually spend about 45 minutes to an hour deep conditioning.

I used what was left of the Africa’s Best Herbal Oil I bought a while ago from Family Dollar (I am in love with this store). I remember buying it instead of a bottle of African Royal Hot Six Oil and it works just the same…it’s a combination of oils.

I placed the bottle in a cup of hot water and started to co wash using suave naturals ocean breeze conditioner. I use suave naturals because it doesn’t contain sulfates and cones.   After the co wash I put the oil on my hair and scalp then placed a plastic cap on my head for about 30 minutes. Rinsed the oil out. Since my hair is short I just let the water drip but if your hair is longer you may want to scrunch your hair with a towel. It’s hot out so my wet head kept me cool.

Then applied some Smooth ‘N Shine Curl Activator Gel to my wet hair and let it air dry. Although I am tempted to play in my hair while its wet I have learned to leave it alone while it dries otherwise it becomes really frizzy and fuzzy looking. The result was a curly shiny wash n go.  I will post  a picture when I get some batteries for my camera. 

Since it’s suppose to be hot this week a wash n go is going to be my style of the week. How are you styling your hair for these hot summer days?

WOW…… Six Months Already

Time really does fly when you’re having fun. I have been having so much fun learning about how to care for my hair without using a relaxer. Through trial and error, doing things I thought I never would and having a little faith in myself I was able to grow and maintain healthy natural hair. I know that hair grows but I never knew that my hair could grow like this……


I love this song it is so uplifting to me.

I See You Looking

I’ve noticed there are 2 types of looks or stares I get from people when I wear my fro out.

The admiring look of “That’s cute or wish I could rock that”.

The disgusted look of “Ugh, I can’t believe she walked out the house like that or why didn’t she comb her hair this morn”.

Shock 4

Of course I like the looks of admiration and those that give me the disgusted look I pay those people no mind. Those people typically think that black people should never wear their natural or (how they see it) “nappy kinky” hair in public. Those types of people give me the strength to continue on my journey. And to those who give the looks of admiration Thank You because I give those same looks to other naturals and it’s a great confidence booster too.

Flat Twist Out Result

Wasn’t actually sure how this style will turn out. After taking down the flat twist I had a really soft stretched fro.

Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning has become a part of my weekend routine. I usually take about two to three hours to pamper my hair. I start with a co wash using suave natural conditioner.  I don’t towel dry the hair since my hair is short I just let it drip. I have been using Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Conditioning Repair Cream as a deep conditioner.

I add it to wet hair, comb through and then place a plastic cap on my head. I walk around like this for about an hour then rinse. Then use my whipped shea butter mixture as a 2 in 1 to moisturize and seal the hair.

This week I think I will try to do a twist out style by flat twisting the hair, let it dry and then take the twist out. I hope it works.

Do you have a weekend routine? What do you use as a deep conditioner?

Hard Hair?

My hair is currently in a twist style I did on Sunday. I didn’t think it was anything special just a few flat twist in the front and some two strand twists in the back. Well I was on my way to the gym and a lady stopped me and asked if I did my own hair. I hesitantly replied yes because I wasn’t sure if she was saying that in a positive or negative manner. I will be the first to say that I am not skilled in combing or styling hair. I am pretty much practicing in my own head.

To my surprise she asked that question because she wanted to know what products I use because according to her my hair looked soft, shiny and healthy. Looking at the lady’s hair I assumed that she knew what to do with hair because she was rocking a chunky fro. She explained that she has been natural for years but kept her hair hidden under weaves and now her own hair feels hard. Before I opened my mouth to give any suggestions I explained that I have only been on this journey for six months and am in no ways an expert.

Since I have been approached with the why is my hair hard question, thought I would share some things I have picked up on.


  • If there is product build up or your hair feels sticky and yucky, use a clarifying shampoo or clarifying rinse using apple cider vinegar or baking soda.


  • Instead of shampooing the hair on a weekly or daily basis do a co wash instead
  • Use a leave in conditioner if you are manipulating the hair daily
  • Do a deep conditioning treatment or a hot oil treatment every week


  • Moisturize hair using butters (I have grown fond of shea butter but I have read that others use mango butter or coco butter) or seal in the moisture with oils like olive oil, coconut oil and jojoba oil (I haven’t tried jojoba oil yet but I have used olive oil and coconut oil and really like the result of both.) Just remember that when using butters and oils a little goes a long way.

How do you keep your natural hair moisturized and feeling soft?

Bad hair day

Wednesday morning I was getting ready for work and I was trying to recreate a wash-n-go that I did over the weekend. I used cantu shea butter leave in conditioning treatment and my hair had amazing curl definition (I should have taken a picture of it because it was really cute). I was able to make that  wash-n-go last  for two days by just spritzing my hair with a water, peppermint oil and coconut oil  mix that is in my spray bottle.  It wasn’t until Tuesday evening that I realized I may have not used the leave in conditioner correctly because my scalp was itchy and my hair looked dull. So I rinsed my hair that night and in the morning I decided that I would recreate the look by doing exactly what  I did on Sunday which was a co wash and then apply a generous amount of the leave in (as the instructions on the jar suggested) and rake it through the hair using my fingers. 

Mind you on Sunday I didn’t have anything to do so I didn’t mind waiting hours for my hair to dry but on a morning before work I don’t have that kind of time to spare so I  used less much product. My hair would not curl the way it did on Sunday and I was getting frustrated. I just kept on putting on more product and spritzing water until my head was soaking wet and a gooey white mess. I looked at myself in the mirror and was like this is not going to work, so I rinsed everything out my head and decided I was going to try a puff, never tried it before and thought today would be a good day to try. I could not get the puff right at all.

The headband I used popped off the back of my head and when I tried again my head felt too tight, then the thin headband popped. Well that idea was a bust. I was getting more frustrated and now running late for work and didn’t have a clue of what to do so I turned to the hair community on youtube. I must really thank the young ladies on youtube for your videos, boy did it help me out. Especially a video posted on  InTheTikiLounge’s Channel that shows pics of 10 twa styles.  I recreated the braided headband look and was shocked I was able to braid my own hair. That video was my saving grace.

If you have a twa and are looking for styles to try I would suggest checking out her video because at some point I think we all get tired of wearing the same look and she shows some easy to create simple styles that will work for any occasion. And if you have any suggestions on how to style a twa please share, leave a comment. I am always looking to try something different. Until next time…

Accessorizing with Accessories

I really wanted to update my blog when I reached the 3 month mark but life has been keeping me on the move and since that time has come and gone I am happy to announce that I am now in  month 5 of my natural journey .

My hair is not long enough (in my opinion) to wear two strand twists (a style I cannot wait to try) and the only styles I have been able to achieve are wash n gos, a small afro and most recently finger coils. So I was sitting thinking whats the best way to dress up my twa, and a light bulb went off in my head “Accessories”.

With that said I wanted to share in my new shopping addiction of hair accessories and earrings. There is a Claires near my work and I am having a problem staying out of there especially since I’m trying not to spend money on unnecessary things. Anyways,I went accessory shopping and done lost my mind. I bought headbands, earrings, flower clips, decorative combs and a crochet cap. 

I am really not a hat person so buying the crochet cap was way out for me, really wasn’t sure how i would look while wearing it but I love it. Especially after accessorizing the cap with a flower clip and it looked great  when I wore it with the finger coils. 
Picked up a pair of cowrie shell earrings but before I wore them I wanted to know the meaning of these shells apparently the shells are viewed as symbols of womanhood, fertility, birth and wealth. No wonder I love these earring.
I think I will wait until my hair grows out some more before I try the headbands and decorative combs.