Old Habits Are Hard To Break

There was a time when I vowed never to wear a wig or weave again!
That was before I learned how to properly care for my hair. Before then I was transitioning and was leaning heavily on half wigs and ponytails. That crutch caused all kinds of breakage because I would just throw it on first thing in the morning and snatch it out soon as I got home. So when I decided to get finally say NO to pink oil relaxers I also said NO to heat and NO wigs/weave period! That lasted for about 8-9 months when I was looking for a protective style and  came across an old friend, crochet braids.
Like many of us living on this planet I grew up and live in a society surrounded by weave and wigs, so its kinda hard to walk away from them completely, they happen to come in handy from time to time. Like this week for instance I’ve been wearing the Morning Glory wig for the past few days mainly because I’m being lazy and its like a cute hat.
morning face
Underneath here my hair is in four cornrows. Hair was lightly misted with a mix of water, aloe vera juice, olive oil, peppermint and tea tree oil and sealed with whipped shea butter. Finger detangled and used rattail comb for parts.This is one of my protective style options for the 6 month challenge.



Lots of people suggest wearing a wig cap but to me they are hot so I skipped it.

While on your natural hair journey have you gone back to some old habits (bad or good)?