Oh No! My Hair Products Are Gone!

Today was suppose to be wash day for my daughter and myself. I planned to pre poo our hair with olive oil, wash with a clarifying shampoo because our styles has been up all week and I used shea butter to create and maintain them. We were going to catch up on the TV shows we like while deep conditioning and styling.

My plans came to a halt when I reached for the olive oil and noticed that the container was almost empty and so was the coconut oil and the hot six oil (I suffer from dry skin and have been using them on my skin lately). No pre poo today, OK deep conditioning will have to do. I was gathering the shampoo and deep conditioner preparing to wash and guess what, container empty (my daughter used it last and used it all).

Ok new plan. With hair still in twists I shampooed, next I used conditioner to take down twists and finger detangle. I’ve noticed that it is easier to take down twists using conditioner, the hair just slides apart. Adding a little more conditioner and covered with a plastic cap. This will be my deep conditioner today.

Since I have a million and one things to do before the holiday, I need some products and a snow storm is coming, I will run my errands today. While doing so I will be wearing a gorgeous plastic cap underneath a black knitted cap. I’ll rinse when I return.

Until next time…


When I rinsed the conditioner out, my hair was super soft and while I was out I picked up some goodies for the hair too. Will share the details soon.