Off The Shelf

I usually don’t do 2 posts in one day but I wanted to let you guys know that I will be doing another live Ustream this Saturday at 12:30pm cst to answer the question I have been getting over the past few days….

How did you get your hair like that?

I have been doing wash and go’s and when I explain the process some people were confused. Its really not as hard as you think, just 4 easy steps.

Step 1: Wash hair with conditioner
Step 2: Apply leave in conditioner to dripping wet or damp hair
Step 3: Apply moisturizer of choice (shea butter, oils, etc..)
Step 4: Apply styler (usually a gel) & dry (air dry, diffuser or hooded dryer)

To really make it interesting I’m going to let you choose which “off the shelf” store bought styling product is going to used during Saturday’s live demonstration. Will it be…..




Let me know your choice. Leave a comment below by Friday 11:59pm cst and I will show you how my wash and go turns out using the product with the most votes. Be sure to tune in to see the results.