My Recent Product Purchase

Every other month or so I restock my hair products or go shopping for some new accessories. I try to find low cost products that can be found close to home. Because I’m on a budget I need to make wise choices in how money is spent.

I was excited to hear that Walgreens had a bogo sale on Shea Moisture products. I have been wanting to try these products for some time now but just couldn’t justify paying $9.99 for a bottle of anything. So when I heard that the sale was buy one get one free for $9.99 I jumped on it. That’s $5 a bottle I can do that.

After going to two different stores on different days I got these Shea Moisture products:

  • Curl Enhancing Smoothie (can’t wait to try this on twists outs, braids outs and two strand twists).
  • Restorative conditioner (plan on using this as a leave in conditioner)
  • Hold & Shine Moisture Mist (going to be used as a moisturizing spray for next day hair)
  • Curl Style Milk (want to try this on afros and puffs)

In addition to these products I also got Suave Professional Rosemary Mint Conditioner (32oz for $2.69 at Target) for co washes. All of these products are free of cones and has natural ingredients.

Also picked up a couple of hair accessories and earrings off the cleareance rack in Claire’s. Now that the six month protective style challenge is over I can’t wait to let my hair be free.

Until next time…