My Experience at the Natural Hair Meetup

I wanted to share my experience at the BGLH natural hair meet up with you guys. I took my mom and daughter along with me and we had a nice time there. We arrived in time to participate in the discussion session, heard some great tips and saw a few styling demos.

There were so many things to buy there like shoes, handbags, clothing, earrings, body oils, food and so much more. It was hard to suppress my inner shopaholic but of course I had to purchase a few things from the vendors. I got a beautiful satin headband from Wasijiru (check out the etsy shop), spearmint lip balm from Simply Beautiful Cosmetic (check out the etsy shop), a delicious smelling butter-creme body oil from Ooh LaLa Soap Co and some shea butter.

Hope you enjoy this slideshow of pictures I took at the event.

I think natural hair meet ups are cool because you get to see for yourself that yes there are other women whom support natural hair. Sometimes we don’t see many women in our day to day lives that rock natural hair. Also you can get so many style ideas, it seems that styling options are endless. If there is a natural hair meet up in your area don’t be afraid to check it out you never know what you may learn or what you may see while there.