Moisturizing Is Easy

In my opinion moisturizing natural hair is easy. I have 2 routines for keeping my hair moisturized; one routine is for wet hair and the other is for dry hair.


Step 1:  After co washing apply a leave in conditioner (this can be done on dripping wet hair or damp hair). Sometimes I use a creamy leave in like Cantu Leave In Conditioning Cream or a more water based one that I make myself by mixing conditioner with water.

Step 2: Apply oil or shea butter to seal in the moisture. I typically use a whipped shea butter mix or coconut oil. Lately I have been using shea moisture products for this step.
When wearing braids, twists or coils I either spray hair with an oil, aloe vera & water mix or spray with water and apply a bit of whipped shea butter or coconut oil.
When wearing twist outs or braid outs, at bedtime I apply small amount of whipped shea butter or coconut oil to ends and twist or braid hair for the next day.

I have been following these steps since day 1 of this journey and as a result my hair is very soft and is not dry at all.  I have not experienced any breakage and most importantly it stays moisturized all day.