Mini Twists

Over the weekend I took down the box braids and to my surprise they were not difficult to take out. My hair was really soft and as I was taking the braids down they just seemed to slide apart. While wearing them I spritzed every other morning with a mixture of hot six oil, aloe vera juice, water and rosemary oil. I’m guessing this is the reason why my hair feels really soft.

Since I was being lazy this weekend I just co-washed using Tresseme Remoisture Conditioner. This conditioner contains dimethicone and I have been trying to follow the curly girl method by avoiding cones and sulfates in hair products but this conditioner was on sale for $3 for 32oz at Target and I am on a budget. I did like the smell and thickness of the conditioner. It made detangling really easy.

After co washing put about 8 big braids in and air dried. I then proceeded to two strand twist using whipped shea butter mix that contains shea butter, coconut oil, aloe vera gel and peppermint oil. I didn’t plan on making the twists soo small but I like how they turned out.

Five flat twists on the side

Here is a picture of my twists back in October 2010. I am really impressed with how much my hair has grown.

until next time…