It Has To Be Done

I put it off last weekend because of laziness. 
Now my scalp is itchy and hair is sticky. 
Can’t possibly wait one more day.
 Looks like today is going to be wash day.

I’m going to start off with a pre poo treatment using extra virgin olive oil. While doing this I work in sections, pouring the oil onto the hair and gently detangle using fingers or wide tooth comb. The slippy oil or a conditioner with slip makes it a lot easier to get out the knots and tangles. A little patience helps too. Let oil sit for about 15 minutes then rinse.
My detangling session may be a long one today, after having the fro out the past 3 days my hair is a tangled mess. I want to be gentle and take my time so I won’t rip through the hair (rushing and being rough can cause breakage). 
Next shampoo with V05 Strawberry & Cream Moisture Milk shampoo. I ran out of the Suave Clarifying shampoo and CVS had V05 on sell for $0.88, figured this was a good time to try this brand (paying $1.76 for shampoo and conditioner is well within the budget).
Follow up with with V05 Strawberry & Cream Moisture Milk conditioner. Hopefully when done I will have some idea of how to style it.

Until next time…