I’m Back!!!!

It has been a really really long time since I’ve updated the blog. My last blog post was January 2016 and to be honest, its kinda hard and feels somewhat weird right now to get back on this keyboard sharing my journey. But at the same time I feel nervous and excited. Its pretty much the same feeling I had when I shared my very first natural hair story – Letting Go and Starting Over. I had to walk away for awhile in order to get my day to day life in order.

A lot of good and big life changes has happened while I was away. My babies are now mini adults so I’m transitioning from them depending on mommy, to being more like their life coach, but no matter what I will always be their mommy.  Hubby and I celebrated our double digits anniversary. I’ve picked up some new hobbies. Got a new position at the J.O.B..  Removed myself from most social media accounts. And now I’m getting back into taking care of me first; mentally and physically.

I do enjoy sharing my natural hair journey and since I’m jumping back on the blogging wagon…..I’m not going to say that I’m going to be putting up new post daily, weekly or monthly. My life just doesn’t work on that type of schedule. But I will say that I am going to put up new posts as often as I can. Who knows it may end up being daily, weekly or monthly.

I wanted to share with you guys how I’ve been out and about in this world with these curls and coils….


Until next time…