I Made It: Hair Accessories

This past weekend I made my own hair accessories with the help of my daughter. Not only do I like using decorative hair clips and things,  my daughter does as well. We are on a budget and purchasing pretty clips and things from stores like Claire’s can get pricey.

We took a trip to Hobby Lobby and got a hot glue gun, flowers, beads, shells, felt, alligator clips and metal hair combs. There was a 50%  off sale going on and we were having a hard time controlling ourselves in there. Hobby Lobby is filled with crafty creative awesomeness.

After watching a few youtube videos we were ready to start. After about an hour or so of creating, talking and laughing this is what we came up with.

This one is my daughter’s favorite
We call this the rose collection
Sunflower collection
I really like these

This was a fun creative activity to do with my little girl. Can’t wait for our next trip to the craft store.

If you like hair accessories and can’t afford the ones that are in most stores. Don’t fret just DIY.