Hard Hair?

My hair is currently in a twist style I did on Sunday. I didn’t think it was anything special just a few flat twist in the front and some two strand twists in the back. Well I was on my way to the gym and a lady stopped me and asked if I did my own hair. I hesitantly replied yes because I wasn’t sure if she was saying that in a positive or negative manner. I will be the first to say that I am not skilled in combing or styling hair. I am pretty much practicing in my own head.

To my surprise she asked that question because she wanted to know what products I use because according to her my hair looked soft, shiny and healthy. Looking at the lady’s hair I assumed that she knew what to do with hair because she was rocking a chunky fro. She explained that she has been natural for years but kept her hair hidden under weaves and now her own hair feels hard. Before I opened my mouth to give any suggestions I explained that I have only been on this journey for six months and am in no ways an expert.

Since I have been approached with the why is my hair hard question, thought I would share some things I have picked up on.


  • If there is product build up or your hair feels sticky and yucky, use a clarifying shampoo or clarifying rinse using apple cider vinegar or baking soda.


  • Instead of shampooing the hair on a weekly or daily basis do a co wash instead
  • Use a leave in conditioner if you are manipulating the hair daily
  • Do a deep conditioning treatment or a hot oil treatment every week


  • Moisturize hair using butters (I have grown fond of shea butter but I have read that others use mango butter or coco butter) or seal in the moisture with oils like olive oil, coconut oil and jojoba oil (I haven’t tried jojoba oil yet but I have used olive oil and coconut oil and really like the result of both.) Just remember that when using butters and oils a little goes a long way.

How do you keep your natural hair moisturized and feeling soft?