Hair Of The Week: Pinned Up Twists

Over the weekend I did some random two strand twists, it was not the plan but it hey things happen. I had every intention to wash my hair but was just not feeling it and since I wore twists the week before I just took those down and re-twisted using my whipped shea butter mix that contains coconut oil, grape seed oil, tea tree and lavender essential oils.
Since the twists were done without using a mirror or comb and just by touch and feel they did not look that good. Thanks to a few pins and a decorative comb I was able to do something with them. Gathered the back and created a flat twist going up using hair pins to secure any loose twists and bobby pins to hold down the end of the flat twist that rested on the top of my head.

Half of the week I did a twist out in the front and now at the end of the week the front is twisted. The back has been pinned up all week. Since shea butter keeps my hair moisturized I did not need to add any products to hair. Made sure to cover with bonnet at night. Added a decorative comb just for fun. Comb was purchased at the local beauty supply, it came 2 in a pack for $1.







One ‘do two styles, how cool is that 🙂