Flat Twists and Box Braids

This style was done on Sunday on dry clean hair. The only product used was my homemade whipped shea butter mix that contains shea butter, coconut oil, aloe vera gel, tea tree oil & peppermint oil.

I tried to make the parts neat by using a rat tail comb but I still ended up using my fingers to finger part. The flat twists at the top were not done intentionally, to be honest when I reached that section of hair I started getting tired. To speed up the process I found it easier to finish it off with the flat twists. Instead of leaving the twists loose at the top I twisted them together going across, did a bantu knot at the end and secured it with a bobby pin.

I’m surprised at the length I have gained over the past year. Think that my hair maybe longer now than when it was permed/relaxed. I am beginning to realize that my hair is finer than what I thought, kinda wish that my hair was a bit thicker but I will work with what I got.

In my attempt to make this last for as long as possible I am tying it up at night with a satin scarf and in the morning I spray a little of the Shea Moisture Moisture Mist. This bottle is almost empty so I will probably mix up some moisturizing spritz (the recipe can be found here) and use that instead.

Until next time…