Do You Know What Today Is?

Its My Anniversary

Yep Yep today officially marks my 1st year being relaxer free. Also I have not put any direct heat on my hair for a whole year. No flat irons, no curling irons or pressing combs. The only heat that was used was a blow dryer on low setting. Yes ladies it can be done.

I would like to thank Nappurality, Glamazini , Curly Nikki, Naturally Curly, Natural Chica, natural hair bloggers and youtubers for inspiring and encouraging me to take this journey. A journey I previously thought was impossible.

Yesterday I shared my 1st blog post, today I will share a post I made after my big chop was done.

February 20, 2010
All day at work yesterday I was thinking to myself, how much longer would I be willing to go through transition phase. My last relaxer was six coming up on seven months and I just got fed up with trying to deal with the relaxed ends. Thought about waiting until after my birthday in March, maybe do it in the summer or maybe at the 1 year transition mark. During my ride home I was thinking, I have been learning about proper hair care and have started taking the steps to care for my hair these past few months what am I waiting for. My immediate family was behind me and supportive of my decision. So I said what the heck with what the rest of the people may think of my decision I’m doing this for me. So here I am now free as can be & can’t wait to get to know MY hair.

February 18, 2010

 Looking back on this picture I miss my TWA. I did get to know my hair. I know what my texture is, learned that my hair loves water, learned that shea butter is amazing and so are oils. Learned how to style my own hair. Stereotypes regarding natural hair has been wiped away from my mind, no more thinking that kinky, tightly coiled hair is bad and unmanageable. NAPPY HAIR IS GOOD HAIR!

February 2011