Coconut Oil

I never heard of coconut oil before except for when I have seen it as an ingredient on a softee grease jar which has more than just coconut oil in it. I never understood the purpose of it just thought it made the grease smell good. Thanks to the ladies in the natural hair community  that gladly shared information about the benefits it possess, I worked up the nerve to try coconut oil on my hair.

Unfortunately, for me, coconut oil is not available in the local grocery stores. It is available at Whole Foods, so I had to go out of my comfort zone and pay them a visit. When I walked into the store I was intimidated by the cost of food items, eating healthy sure is pricey but I wasn’t there to grocery shop just looking for coconut oil. After wandering around checking the store out I found what I was looking for. There was refined and unrefined/virgin coconut oil available. Didn’t know which to get so I got the unrefined coconut oil.

To my understanding coconut oil is a light oil that provides nourishment to the cortex or middle of the hair strand. Using coconut oil can make the strands of hair stronger which is good for hair that is damaged and can be used to seal in moisture.

Coconut oil  is typically sold in a solid state and will melt or turn into liquid at 76 degrees or room temperature. When used in its solid state it will easily melt if you rub a little between your hands. Since using coconut oil I have noticed that my hair doesn’t break off like it used too and my hair appears shinier and healthier and like any oil a little goes a long way.