Challenge Week 2


Its week 2 of the 30 day protective style challenge and I am going to keep my hair in these simple straight to the back cornrows, although this was not the plan. Late Friday night my area got hit with nasty thunderstorms that caused flooding. This weekend my family and I had the pleasure of cleaning up what the storm left behind. Since there was no hair being done I had to at least rinse it to get rid of the dirt and sweat from cleaning the basement.


Managed to co wash braids without having them come loose. To conditioner wash braids I wet hair first, put a nice amount of conditioner into palm of hand then smoothed conditioner gently onto braids. Rubbed hands from front to back, not massaging through because I didn’t want to disturb braids. Rinsed with water using no hands. Placed towel around shoulders to catch dripping water and applied a small amount of whipped shea butter mix to braids and scalp. Since it was hot I just air dried.



I should have went to bed with a scarf. The next morn braids were kinda frizzy and fuzzy looking. To fix this I let the steam from the shower moisturize hair (remember water = moisture) and then sprayed with my refresher spray that contains aloe vera juice, water, olive oil and lavender. Put on my satin scarf and got ready for the day. Before walking out the door I took off scarf  and most of the frizzies were manageable. Still had a few fly aways but curly coily hair does not lay flat and I’m OK with that. One thing for sure it looked better than it did moments before. Tonight I will use the refresher spray again, tie it down with scarf before bed and hope for a less frizzy morning.