Braids and Shells

Over the summer the heat was just too much and caused my eczema to breakout on my neck. This outbreak made 2 braids to the back one of my “go to” styles because it kept my hair from irritating that red spot you see in the picture.

One day I got a little playful and attached cowrie or cowry shells to the ends. The shells added a little weight to the ends of the braids preventing them from curling under as much as they usually would, allowing for a bit of hang time.

I attached the shells by threading the ends of braid through the opening and securing with a rubber band.

At first I didn’t really think of cowry shells as anything but a decorative bead. Plus I always liked how ladies with locs adorned their hair with cowrie. That was until I did a little research (aka google search) and found out that these shells are truly something special. I learned that the cowrie shells were used as a form of money in ancient Africa, it is a symbol of wealth, a female symbol of fertility and is a symbol of good luck. Maybe this is way I was always attracted to cowry shells. Now I’m always trying to find a way to incorporate them into my hairstyles and am in the process of finding books that would teach me more about the history and meaning of these shells.

Until next time. . .


  • sylv

    December 18, 2013 at 8:55 pm

    Look at that growth….looking fab girly!! I never knew that about cowrie shells… I'm interested in learning more!!

  • Curls and Coils

    December 19, 2013 at 2:06 pm

    Hey Sylv, Yes the growth is amazing me as well, wondering if I should set a length goal. I have become fascinated with cowrie shells and the meanings behind them. We will definitely have to share info about them. Thanks for Reading 🙂