Braid Out

Last Thursday I took advantage of one of the loose hair days by taking down the cornrows which resulted in a braid out. Take down was easy. First I applied a small amount of whipped shea butter to my hands and hair. Next starting at the bottom of each cornrow gently took down each braid trying not to disturbed the pattern or texture the braids left behind. I use the pads of my finger to cover any parts, mostly the hair covers the parts so I don’t have to do much. For me and my hair trying not to disturb the wavy pattern is almost impossible but I try my best.


My braid outs usually just result into some type of fro style.



It felt good to have my out for one day and letting the wind blow through it. My scalp was getting itchy which for me means that its time for a good wash. Since I had to wait until the weekend to do a good washing I did two quick cornrows for Friday. Before doing the cornrows I added a small amount of whipped shea butter to my hands and finger combed hair. Did not need to add any more butter to hair it had enough moisture. Tried to spice it up a bit by adding one of my handmade accessories.



Remember during the challenge you are allowed 2 days to wear your hair in a loose style. Over the weekend I did get a chance to wash and style hair for week 3 of the challenge. That will be come up in the next post.
Until next time…