Blow Dry and Flat Iron

This is my 1st attempt at flat ironing since the BC. Using the flat iron was not my initial intent. I had stayed away from heat for 16 months. Days leading up to this I planned on trying the tension method to blow dry my hair in order to stretch it for a flat twist out.

Well…the next thing I knew I pulled out the old handy dandy ceramic flat iron from its hiding place, plugged it in and turned up the dial. This type does not have a temperature dial, it just has settings 0 – 25, so I placed the dial on 15 (about midway). After reading tons of stories about heat damage I was scared of burning my hair. I don’t want heat damage so I used my whipped shea butter mix as a heat protectant. In one of youtuber Pretty Dimples videos I heard¬† her say that she used shea butter mix when she straighten her hair, so I gave it a try.

Here are pictures of the blow dry process


Section into 8 twists after blow dry

Here are pictures of the flat iron process

May have used too much shea butter


The end result was not slick or bone straight hair but it was straight enough for me. Hair did have an oily feel probably because I used too much of the shea butter mix. I must admit that I did like it. Its been awhile since I’ve seen this look. Honestly must say that my hair is fuller than ever before and was really bouncy. Plus, I was able to pull it back into a ponytail. Actually I had to because midday the back got huge, really puffy. Thank goodness I keep hair accessories at my desk.

Only kept it like this for 2 days. I was so worried that there may be heat damage, the moment I got a chance I washed my hair. Just to make sure the curls and coils came back. They did :D!!!!

Will I flat iron again?