Banana Clip Ponytail

Hey yall! I wanted to drop a quick post about a new accomplishment I have been able to achieve on this natural hair journey. I’ve finally learned how to use those banana clips from back in the day that seem to be making a comeback. It was a lot of trial and error but I figured out that I can only use them when my hair has been stretched or flat ironed. These pics are from over the summer and I believe the clip was used on a very old twist out. I like these clips as an alternative to a regular ponytail holder because it makes my ponytail/puff look soo much fuller.

Those thin banana clips that look the pic below does absolutely nothing for me. Either I can’t fit all of my hair in it or it pops off and goes flying across the room.

I’ve found the the thicker Goody brand clips like the one below does hold in all of my hair, only when used in the horizontal position. 


Now that this year is winding down, hopefully I can have more time to get back to blogging. Over the summer I’ve experimented with trying different styles and can’t wait to share those pictures with you guys.

Until next time. . .