Bad Timing

I picked the wrong time of the year to add more hair to my head. Chicago is experiencing a heat wave right now and it is hot out. I’m not complaining about the heat at all. I wish I could bottle it up and save it for the winter months. Unfortunately it is just too hot for me to feel comfortable with the crochet braids, so they had to go.
That’s right I took them out after 3 days (put them in on Saturday and took down Tuesday night). Thank goodness I did not spend any extra money buying the hair, used hair that was purchased months ago. Removing the hair was easy, undo the cornrow that hair is attached to and it slides right out. I re-braided the cornrows and now I feel much better and cooler, plus my hair is still in a protective style.

This natural hair journey is a learning experience and there are many bumps on this road. There are and will be good and bad moments. One can learn something from each experience. I have learned two lessons from this:

  1. If a style makes you feel uncomfortable in anyway whether the style be too hot, too tight, have hair pins poking you in the scalp or just does not feel right to you, take it down and try something else. Despite what many say beauty should never be painful.
  2. I should wait until the Fall/Winter to wear crochet braids or any type of wigs/weaves. The extra hair could be used to keep my scalp warm during those cold months.
Until next time…