Afro Puff

I was having one of those days where my twist out was on its last leg and just would not work for one more day. Only had a small amount of time to get ready and had to do something quick. There I was staring in the mirror wondering what was I going to do. My hair is too short to pull all of it into a ponytail and doing some sort of pin up would have taken too much time. Tried just slapping on a headband but that didn’t look good either. Then it came to me to do a puff, easy enough.

Rubbed some whipped shea butter through hair first then placed a stretchy metal free headband around my neck and pulled it up to the hairline. Pulled the back of the band and gave it a little twist to make a loop. Holding the loop portion around my thumbs and placing index fingers at my temples, I was able to slide the front of the band back and the back of the band up until it reached the desired position. Once I liked the position of the puff, pulled the remaining loop over hair doubling the band.

Did not use any gel to hold my edges just smoothed them with my hand. Sliding the headband and using the wooden decorative band helped to hold them down as well.


Whenever I’m having a bad hair day the Afro puff will probably be my go to style.
What do you do when you’re having a bad hair day?