Accessorizing with Accessories

I really wanted to update my blog when I reached the 3 month mark but life has been keeping me on the move and since that time has come and gone I am happy to announce that I am now in  month 5 of my natural journey .

My hair is not long enough (in my opinion) to wear two strand twists (a style I cannot wait to try) and the only styles I have been able to achieve are wash n gos, a small afro and most recently finger coils. So I was sitting thinking whats the best way to dress up my twa, and a light bulb went off in my head “Accessories”.

With that said I wanted to share in my new shopping addiction of hair accessories and earrings. There is a Claires near my work and I am having a problem staying out of there especially since I’m trying not to spend money on unnecessary things. Anyways,I went accessory shopping and done lost my mind. I bought headbands, earrings, flower clips, decorative combs and a crochet cap. 

I am really not a hat person so buying the crochet cap was way out for me, really wasn’t sure how i would look while wearing it but I love it. Especially after accessorizing the cap with a flower clip and it looked great  when I wore it with the finger coils. 
Picked up a pair of cowrie shell earrings but before I wore them I wanted to know the meaning of these shells apparently the shells are viewed as symbols of womanhood, fertility, birth and wealth. No wonder I love these earring.
I think I will wait until my hair grows out some more before I try the headbands and decorative combs.