About Me

Big Chop February 2010

February 18, 2010 was a new beginning for me. That’s the day I decided that I did not care what anyone thought of my hair, all the relaxer was cut away and a new state of mind set in.

I was growing tired of trying to find salons and beauticians that would properly care for my hair without charging an arm and a leg or damaging my hair. I have thought about caring for my hair in its natural state for a few years but I was listening to everyone else opinion and their judgment towards “nappy hair”. I was lurking on natural hair sites trying to get up the nerve to big chop and decided to transition instead.

I transitioned for six months having my hair blow dried, kinky twisted, wearing half wigs and phony pony tails. Dealing with the two different hair textures were starting to get to me. This may sound funny but after watching Chris Rock’s Good Hair movie I did not want to wear anyone else hair on my head and did not want to relax my hair again. I decided that I would walk around with my own curls and coils instead.

I am definitely  not an expert in hair care or a beautician.  I decided to share my journey in hopes that it will inspire others, as others has inspired me.

Keep in mind that what works for my hair, may not work for you.

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