64 Ounces A Day, That’s A Lot Of Water!

On this quest to obtaining and maintaining healthy natural hair I have learned that I need to increase my water intake. Not only will drinking more water help my hair goal by providing moisture on the inside it will benefit my body as a whole.

Most of us know that we need to drink at least eight glasses a day but really who does that. I know that drinking water helps to eliminate toxins, regulates digestion, improves the skin and basically the human body needs it. For some reason I just don’t drink enough of it. In my attempt to change this situation I am making myself accountable.

One may ask, well how are you going to do this? 

I joined a water challenge on the nappturality forum. The challenge is to get in 64 oz / 8 cups a day and check in. I plan to not just check in on nappturality but on the Facebook page as well. I also downloaded a phone app called Hydrate to keep track throughout the day. According to the challenge rules it is ok to substitute tea for a cup of water just as long as it is not laden with sugar. Tea can be sweetened with a little honey.

The first day of the challenge I managed to drink 36oz / 4.5 cups. Not the daily amount but half way there. If you are not a member of nappturality and want to be apart of the challenge join me on facebook, the more the merrier.