30 Day Protective Style Challenge

Protective styling has helped me in obtaining and retaining length. A protective style is a style where the hair is not manipulated often. The most common protective styles are braids, twists, wigs and weaves.
From July 17 to Aug 17 only protective hair styles will be worn. Since this is actually a 32 day challenge, hair can be worn in a loose hair style for two days. During the challenge I will post my hair care regime, protective style and how I care for that style. I really miss the get up and go feeling I had during the twa stage. This challenge will give me an opportunity to recapture that feeling because I will not have to think about styling for a month.
Feel free to join me in this challenge. If you would like to participate just leave a comment below. Let me know what your hair care regime is going to be, the protective style you are going to wear and how you care for that style.